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Weapons manipulation, shooter skills, firearms proficiency, however you want to phrase it, one thing is common. This is a perishable skill set.
If you're not building it, you're losing it.


We hope you can train more than once per month. But look at this as a chance to get outside the comfort zone of your normal training regiment and work on team building skills. Once a month, every month we put on an 8 hour range day for members. This event goes on rain or shine, heat or snow. We've run bounding drills and practiced formation movements in knee deep snow. We have literally bleached our shirts with sweat on the rifle range. The fight doesn't depend on the weather. Our training shouldn't either.


Our range days offer multiple tiers of group training so everybody can be involved. Team Honey Badger is an experimental concept to allow those of us who have proven to display flawless safety habits and a proven skill set to train at an advanced level. The majority of our students will be part of the main group, which will work on honing the core fundamentals, and the application of those fundamentals building towards an advanced level.

What you'll need...
  • Handgun in duty caliber. We recommend bringing a backup weapon if possible.
  • rifle in NATO caliber. We recommend bringing a backup weapon if possible.
  • Handgun Magazines, 3 minimum
  • Rifle Magazines, 4 minimum
  • Duty or Riggers belt and quality holster.
  • Ammunition pouches. Belt mounted or chest rig
  • Safety and Personal Protection:
    • - Required: Eye and Ear protection.
    • - Optional: Knee and elbow guards. Gloves are highly recommended
  • All accessories, tools and consumables your firearm might need to stay up and running. This includes weapon lube, batteries for lights and electronics, sight tools if applicable
  • Hydration and Nourishment - Bring lunch, enough water to stay hydrated through the day and any supplements you will need.
  • 150 rounds of ammunition to match your handgun.
  • 250 rounds of ammunition to match your rifle.
Below are the range days we have scheduled for 2017.
Take a look at Our Training Schedule to see what structured classes we have planned,
and of course our Course Catalog for a complete list of planned courses.
Full Member Associate/ Guest
Community Range Day, 26August, 2017 - Cost: $15 $35[Click here to prepay for August]
Community Range Day, 10Septenber, 2017 - Cost: $15 $35[Click here to prepay for September]
Community Range Day, 29October, 2017 - Cost: $15 $35[Click here to prepay for October]
Community Range Day, 19November, 2017 - Cost: $15 $35[Click here to prepay for November]
Community Range Day, 16December, 2017 - Cost: $15 $35[Click here to prepay for December]