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All skills are perishable, and when our life, or the lives of those we love and those around us could potentially depend on those skills, wouldn't you want them to be as fresh as possible?

At NCRT, we don't push a catalogue of classes, but a continuity of training, designed from the ground up to build you into a confident, efficient adversary.

Level I
Level 1 courses teach solid fundamental and safety principals. Learn the proper and safe application of fundamentals and skills to help you improve, malfunction drills, reloads and more!!
Level II
Level 2 courses build on the safety methods and skills we developed in Level 1, moving into higher levels of fundamental skill training and environment exploitation.
All level II or higher programs with our organization will require that you have a Level I graduate certificate.
Ohio CCW Permit
Our CCW course focuses on the legal rights and responsibilities when carrying a concealed weapon in the state of Ohio. Our certified instructors put forward a curriculum that meets or exceeds the standards outlined in Ohio Revised Code 2923.125(G) and provides the graduate with the proper paperwork to submit with your passport photo and application.
Range Day
Work your skills
Weapons training is one of the most perishable skill sets you can work to build. Join the group every month to run through drills and scenarios designed to help us identify deficiencies and build solid skills that we may potentially depend on one day to save our lives.
Skill specific training
If you are an experienced shooter or brand new, we run as many as 3 independent groups on range day to provide training relevant to your skillset. Our high skilled group might be running bounding drills, team entry drills or working around vehicles while our main group works individual skills like alternate shooting positions, shoot/no shoot scenarios, and various other next level skills. We also have instructors available to help new shooters develop the core skills they will need to be successful in higher level skill training.
Train a different skill every month
Part of the benefit of group training is the opportunity to build skills you might not work into your personal routine. Our monthly skill focus is planned to impart the base skills our members will need to be successful in our culmination exercises. This means we work on a new set of skills month to month. Members who come back regularly will get the most benefit from our training cycles.
1 on 1 instruction
If you want that next level of excellence, a personal coach is for you. Every individual who strives for the top of their game relies on another highly trained individual to guide them and help them address problems they might not even see.

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Skill Focus
We have skilled instructors who can provide 1 on 1 or private group instruction in the following disciplines.
-Carbine/Battle Rifle
-Team Tactics