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Personal Coaching

All other things being equal, personal, one on one coaching and mentoring is the best way to learn a skill. Hands down. Unfortunately, it is often the most cost prohibitive way to learn a skill set. But for many people, the value outweighs the cost factor. Personal Trainers are a perfect example. A monthly gym membership is less expensive than a single hour with most personal trainers. Being a personal trainer didn't become a viable career path until the students started to see the value. The same principals hold true in what we do

Individual training can only take you so far. Group training can only take you so far. If you are looking to find your true potential, it's time to start thinking about a personal coach

Long term development plan
Rather than focus on single event training, a coach is able to plan your training progression and make sure that you are maintaining a solid root in your fundamentals and efficiency in your execution as you advance.
Train on your schedule
One of the hurdles we often hear our clients, students and members recite is time. Time to get out and train. Time to take classes. Maybe you work midnights. or weekends. Whatever scheduling conflict that is making a hosted class a hurdle, we can overcome that.
Address your individual or group needs
A coach can evaluate you or your teams current strengths and weaknesses and develop a training plan that builds on this landscape. From individuals looking to become more proficient for personal defense reasons to law enforcement agencies, we can step in running at your current skill level and help you become that much more efficient.
Train just above your level
"Don't become complacent." "Always reach for the next rung in the ladder of efficiency and accuracy." These goals are easy to say, but they are hard to do without guidance. We become caught up in what we're good at or what we like to do and avoid the things that we're not particularly good at, or that we don't like to do for a particular reason. A coach knows our strengths. Our weaknesses. And above all, they know our experience and ability. Coaches can and will help you drive up that ladder much faster than you are likely to on your own.