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We are updating our course catalog to reflect changes in curriculum as well as new offerings.
Check back frequently for an updated 2017 catalog!

Handgun Employment
Handgun Employment I
This level 1 Handgun course focuses on the most fundamental aspects of employing a semi-automatic firearm. Drawing, shooting, fixing and feeding your life support in a time is life situation.
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Handgun Employment 2 - PILOT
Level II builds on the skills we learned in Level I, and moves on into exploring aspects such as single hand manipulation of your handgun, alternate shooting positions and using your handgun as a less than lethal force option. This pilot program will explore some of the drills and iterations we intend to employ in our level II program, allowing us to better plan our handgun employment II program.
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Carbine Employment
Carbine Employment 1
Carbine Employment level 1 teaches you the fundamental truths about your weapons system. The focus is on making you accurate, consistent, and giving you the tools to maintain your weapons system and hone your fundamentals in preparation for more advanced training
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Carbine Employment 2
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Fundamentals and Range Days
Range Day
NCRT's monthly range day event. This is one of the pillars of our training theory. You have to continue to work your skills to keep them honed. Range days combine skill training with competetive shooting and team drills in a relaxed shooting environment.
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Handgun 101
This class is focused on individuals who are new or very inexperienced with handguns. Learn to identify components by their proper and trade names. Learn to field strip and clean your weapon. Learn to load your magazines and discuss how to select caliber and ammunition.
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Carbine 101
This mini-class is focused on individuals who are new to, or very inexperienced with the semi-automatic carbine platform. Learn to identify components by their proper and trade names. Learn to field strip and clean your weapon. Learn to load your magazines and discuss how to select caliber and ammunition. Discuss starter/learning platforms and gear selection.
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Advanced and Limited Classes
Vehicle Dynamics
For many of us, our office is on wheels. Learn how to use your vehicle to your advantage and discuss myths and truths when it comes to using a vehicle for cover or concealment.
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Patrol Carbine
Advanced carbine employment with a focus on the specific needs of a patrol carbine for an officer.
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Combined Weapons Tactics & Low Light Theory
So you've advanced past advanced handgun and advanced carbine. What's the next step? Learning how to use them in concert, of course. Examine transitions and selecting the best tool for the job. Explore low light theory and some of the different dynamics that come with low light situations.
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CQB Fundamentals
This course examines not only CQB fundamentals and the basics of urban team movements, but different methods of employing yourself efficiently in a limited space, high threat environment.
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Precision Rifle
Designated Defensive Marksman Course
Scheduled as a 2 day Field Training Exercise, this course hammers home all the fundamentals you need to operate your rifle as a precision instrument. This course is a prerequisite for Precision Rifle Operator I
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Precision Rifle Operator I
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NRA Classes
NRA Basic Pistol Phase II
North Coast Readiness Training has NRA certified instructors on staff. While most of our classes are NOT given under the umbrella of the NRA course catalog, we are able to offer NRA certification for those who wish to attain a course certificate from the largest second amendment advocacy group in the world.
This is the second part of a 2 part certificate. Phase I is an online only module delivered by the NRA for $65. A Phase I certificate is a prerequisite for this class and your NRA Basic Pistol certificate.
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