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NCRT membership dues are just $15 per month for a limited time
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As a dues paying member, that makes you eligible for different member incentives programs. Full members hear about things first and enjoy priority booking, discounts, and other great perks.

Discounts and Rewards

As a full member, you can save quite a bit of money by taking advantage of our rewards programs. For instance, guest referrals return stackable discounts up to and including a free seat in the class.

Pilot programs and Private events

Every NCRT course starts off as a concept that we hone through many gradually building iterations. Eventually development shoots turn into pilot programs which are available to members only. Pilot programs are a great way to get incredible value for your training dollar, and any pilot program fees apply towards a seat in the public class when it is offered.

We also have cadre only shoots. Most of our instructors shoot very few rounds during a range day and even less in a structured class. Our blades dull just like yours do, so we need to hone them regularly, just like you do. These events are extremely closed capacity and available by invitation only. It's a great opportunity to train with some great shooters for the cost of ammo..

The digital world... well, sorta.

As members of a technologically aware society, we have become accustomed to having access to what we need instantly. Without having to pick up a phone, wait on hold, leave a message on a machine or a note with a secretary, we pay our bills, apply for loans, and countless other online activities.

On that note, we offer NCRT e-mail addresses with pop3/imap and web based capabilities. We are currently developing the database and interface to securely store and retrieve signed copies of your NCRT certificates. Soon, our entire photo library will be available to members for viewing on this site.

What do I get?
All associate benefits
Full members obviously receive the basic benefits offered to associate level members. But that's just the beginning.
Discounts on everything from Range Day fees and classes to club merchandise.
Referral Program
We appreciate you spreading the word and getting your friends and family involved. Our referral program makes it easier to get rewarded!
Invitations to private events
Some of our events are limited capacity and by invitation only. Membership makes you eligible for invitation to no or low cost shoots involving topics and advanced subjects we might not touch on in our standard curriculum.
Access to pilot programs
Our pilot programs are trial runs of new courses or modifications to existing programs. These are extremely low cost opportunities to get some great training!
Additional Perks
NCRT Email address
Available by request
Get an e-mail address from our list of domain names.
Digital Records
Make it easy to follow your progress and print off signed certificates for classes you have completed.
Advice from Subject Matter Experts
Get advice from our instructor cadre. We give experienced opinions on gear and weapons options as well as training paths and career opportunities.