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Student Reviews

One of the things that we spend a great deal of time focusing on is the quality of our program. We constantly strive to improve our program, and we hear about it. Here are just a handful of the countless e-mail reviews and facebook comments we have received.

I wanna thank all Our instructors at NCRT in a very short time I have learned so much from you guys and it has built my confidence not only with my sidearm but also my rifle..Thanks again..
---Jose S.

I'd like to thank the instructors and other people out there for the support and training yesterday! Had a great time thank you!
---Dane W.

Thanks for a great time yesterday! I learned a lot! Can't wait for the next one
---Richard S.

John and I both had a great day. Can't wait for the next one. Thanks to all the NCRT team. You guys always keep it interesting
---Matt P.

Thank you for a productive range day! It's been months for me but, the fundamentals you taught me and continue to focus on stuck with me and are moving me in right direction. I always learn something new and improve in some way. Instructors at NCRT are on point! Worth freezing all day!!
---Amber W.

Thank you NCRT. Made my day. Jeremy, the chow was great. Doug, Mike, Jon and all the instructors, thanks for helping me stay focused and get better. Inked Angel, can't wait to see the photos.. Till next month.
---Jeffrey K.

Thank you brothers and sisters for another excellent range day! Had such a blast and I'm sure I'll never best that run of “Set it off” #NothingLikeNCRT
---Brandon G.

Today I participated in my first NCRT range day. I want to say it was a much needed release. All the instructors were great and knowledgeable. It was truly an awesome experience. I wanna thank everyone there today and can't wait to come back and prefect my skills. Thanks again everyone you all are great.
---Thomas B.

Thanks for an outstanding day today! My ass is officially kicked! Thanks again to Brandon for his help in getting me through. Appreciate it brother.
---Edward J H.

Mogadishu Mile, awesome day today, great exercise. Testing physical and mental endurance. I am beat. Thanks to all the Cadre today, Yall did a kick ass job! Micheal, Jon, Jeff, Connolly, Doc. G, Kirk, Nikki, and Lee. Pat yourselves on the back for going the extra mile. Keep up the good work NCRT Cadre!
---Jeremy D.

Thank you for a great day, wish we could have stayed til the end to see the scores. Already preparing for next year.
---Brad S.